Andrew Jackson Sandsbury

Andrew was born to a Swedish father and a Nantucket mother. He was named after President Andrew Jackson who was a hero to his parents, James and Anna for his victory over the British in the Battle of New Orleans that contributed to the end of the War of 1812 and the British Blockade ofContinue reading “Andrew Jackson Sandsbury”

Peculiar Nantucket

Reading “off island” or “continent” newspaper articles about Nantucket from 1875 to 1896, gives an interesting viewpoint of how the island appeared to “visitors” at the time. After the demise of whaling in Nantucket, 800 families moved off island leaving the population of the island to about 3000. This 3000 was made up of retiredContinue reading “Peculiar Nantucket”

Medfield Insane Asylum

Medfield Insane Asylum was built in 1892 and was Massachusetts first state run institution for mentally ill patients. It was built like a college campus with numerous buildings in order to house patients by need. The asylum was self-sufficient with it’s own water supply and farm to provide for ultimately 1700 patients and 300 employees Continue reading “Medfield Insane Asylum”

Do You Know About The Coffins?

Ebenezer Coffin, a descendent of Tristram Coffin was born in Boston although his father was also born in Boston, he died in Nantucket which shows his continued close ties to the island. Ebenezer moved to St Helena Island in South Carolina, married Mary Mathews and in the 1790s he established what was later called CoffinContinue reading “Do You Know About The Coffins?”

Who Was J.W. “Jack” Brady? Part 1

To the Brady family, Jack Brady seemed an illusive interloper who swooped in and then out of their lives only leaving his name.  Not much was known about him by the family except he was a barber who married Miriam Sandsbury, the only child of Captain Andrew Sandsbury. Then after three children together he disappeared,Continue reading “Who Was J.W. “Jack” Brady? Part 1″

In Loving Memory of Hazel Brady and her Nantucket Friends

Two daughters recall Nantucketers’ holiday generosity To the Editor: This is a true, first-person account of our heartwarming Christmas last year, totally provided by several lifelong Nantucket friends of my mother, Hazel A. Brady, who was a native Nantucketer. Those in this part of the country who have heard what these Nantucketers did were amazedContinue reading “In Loving Memory of Hazel Brady and her Nantucket Friends”

The Nantucket House

It was called the Nantucket house by the family in recent years but it was Hazel and Andrew’s house. Andrew or “Cussie” to his friends, built the home in 1951 on land given to them in 1941 as a wedding present by her parents, Oliver and Helen Fisher. It had taken them 10 years toContinue reading “The Nantucket House”