In Loving Memory of Hazel Brady and her Nantucket Friends

Two daughters recall Nantucketers’ holiday generosity To the Editor: This is a true, first-person account of our heartwarming Christmas last year, totally provided by several lifelong Nantucket friends of my mother, Hazel A. Brady, who was a native Nantucketer. Those in this part of the country who have heard what these Nantucketers did were amazedContinue reading “In Loving Memory of Hazel Brady and her Nantucket Friends”

The Nantucket House

It was called the Nantucket house by the family in recent years but it was Hazel and Andrew’s house. Andrew or “Cussie” to his friends, built the home in 1951 on land given to them in 1941 as a wedding present by her parents, Oliver and Helen Fisher. It had taken them 10 years toContinue reading “The Nantucket House”