Do You Know About The Coffins?

Ebenezer Coffin, a descendent of Tristram Coffin was born in Boston although his father was also born in Boston, he died in Nantucket which shows his continued close ties to the island.

Ebenezer moved to St Helena Island in South Carolina, married Mary Mathews and in the 1790s he established what was later called Coffin Point Plantation. This included the area of Folly Beach which used to be called Coffin Island. Given his Quaker ties to Nantucket, it seems a peculiar decision to establish himself in the cotton trade.

When he died, he left his son Thomas Aston Coffin in charge of the plantation. By the 1850’s, Coffin Point became the largest slaveholding plantation on St. Helena Island with 301 slaves. In 1861, Thomas and his family were forced to abandon the plantation and flee before it was confiscated by Union troops.

Coffin Point Plantation
The Avenue of Oaks

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