Houghton Gibbs, Nantucket Chief of Police

Houghton Gibbs, Chief of Police of Nantucket, died at his home on Orange street early last Sunday morning, after a comparatively brief illness. His passing removes a personality long familiar to both islanders and summer visitors, a man highly esteemed by all, who had clung to his job when his health and strength warned him to retireContinue reading “Houghton Gibbs, Nantucket Chief of Police”

Oliver Cromwell Fisher

https://m.facebook.com/story/graphql_permalink/?graphql_id=UzpfSTE0ODYxNjMyNTE5NDAyMjoxNjc4MzcwMDg4ODg1Mjk3 Oliver C. Fisher 1876 – 1956 The flag on the Pacific Club was half mast last weekend commemorating the passing of one of the Club’s oldest members: Oliver C. Fisher. Surfman for over thirty years, “OIlie” saw life-saving change from organized volunteers to equipped Life Saving Stations and, finally, to the U. S. CoastContinue reading “Oliver Cromwell Fisher”