NHA Oral History Program-Interview with Marriott Fisher King 1988

Marriott (left) & Hazel (right)

Story of Marriot and Hazel at 24-27 minute mark of interview.

Fisher Farm in Madaket
Oliver Fisher’s Father

Washington Fisher and the Madaket Farm mentioned in beginning of interview.

Stephen Gibbs (center) and sons

Stephen Gibbs drove a Quaker hearse and his wife ran the Quaker Boarding House on Main St. They are presumed Quakers who always spoke in “thee and thou” -mentioned at the 17 minute mark of interview.

Visiting Nana Fisher at 125 Main St early 70’s (House since removed to another location on the island)

Mrs. McCleave’s Museum is mentioned at the 16 minute mark. See previous post Peculiar Nantucket.

Peculiar Nantucket

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